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A HANGER?!? What’s so great about a hanger?

Hellloooooooo blogstalkers!!! Welcome to day T-E-N of the blog-a-thon!

Today is SUPER EXCITING {as well as short and sweet}.

One of my previous posts was about details. DETAILS. Ohhh I love details.

Ok, SO. Have you ever heard of LilaFrances or seen her work? If not, CLICK NOW.

She is the creator of one of my favorite things I have ever seen in my entire life in the wedding industry. CUSTOM HANGERS.

I know you’re thinking, “a hanger? what the H is the big deal?”

Custom hangers for your wedding dress is SO COOL and SO UNIQUE {come on, we all know everyone wants to be unique!}

SOOOO back to the giveaway. There is good news…and bad news. Which first?

Ok, so the bad news is that they are so popular, that turn around time is currently about 10 weeks, so for those of you getting married before May 23, 2011 are {unfortunately} out of luck. But for those of you getting married after that date, you are SOOOOO in luck, because…..

We are some away!! The tricky part? I’m not telling you how many! 😉


1. Go on facebook (easy enough, you’re always on there with us anyways, right?)

2. Like Just Love Me {Photography + Design} (as if you didn’t already…)

3. Like LilaFrances

4. Comment on this blog post with your future name {mrs. _____ } and your wedding date .

THATS ALL!! So easy right?

Winner{s} will be chosen Friday, March 4th at 12:00pm {noon} CST.

Still don’t believe me on this hanger business. Check out some sample photos below.

LilaFrances has even been featured in Victoria Secret Magazine!
Still don’t believe me? She has made 6952 sales!!!!!!!!!

Oh NOW you believe me? GOOD. 🙂

Alicia Sappingfield - My name is already Mrs. Sappingfield, but my husband and I were unable to have an actually “big day” with all the fun and awesomeness of bridesmaids and wedding hangers. I have been looking all over for something like this. I actually want to challenge this lady to be able to put my long name into one of these hangers for our vow renewal August 5, 2012 🙂

Jenna - Mrs. Davey
October 22, 2011


Jenna Bartley - Hmm…guess I should include my current last name on that one. haha =)

Mrs. Davey
October 22, 2011

Leslie - These are awesome! I’ll be Mrs. Gibson! 10-8-11

Marla Brumett - These are SO neat! My name will be Mrs. Wilson, we are getting married Sep 10, 2011. Thanks for the chance to win one of your hangers!

Ashley - Love this idea! My name will be Mrs. Oetken on July 9, 2011! 🙂

Stephanie Rosales - I will be Mrs. Braun on august 13, 2011! These are awesome!

Amanda Larson - I’m not looking for myself. My best friend & cousin is getting married April 16th, 2011. She is the most upbeat and amazing person I’ve ever met.

Her name will be Mrs. Rowlen.

Alysha - I will become Mrs. Kesner on March 3, 2012!!

Kristen - I will be Mrs. Fraas on 7-9-11!! 🙂

Chelsie Elliott - Mrs. Calvert
August 6, 2011

Lisa Rinella - I will be mrs quartarone but no date has been set.

Christina - O.M.G. I LOVEEE these — saw them on Etsy a few months back 🙂 Mrs. Moses 10.29.11

Leslie - So who won?

justlovemepd - Sorry for any confusion, but there is still one week left to enter! Winner is chosen NEXT Friday (March 4). Good Luck everyone! =)

Kristen Koehler - Mrs. Balchan
October 8, 2011!

Marlene - Mrs. Guild

I’m dying to get one of those gorgeous hangers!!

Danielle Pohlen - My name will be Mrs. Chu and our wedding date is October 1st, 2011!

I have been in love with these hangers for ever, I’m so excited it’s finally time for me to purchase one for my own wedding! I think adding beautiful and unique touches like this one will make my wedding day even more memorable 🙂

Leslie - Can the future Mrs. Gibson enter twice? These are SOOOO cute! I want them bad… they would be amazing for my Ocotber 8th Wedding 😀

Lauren Henry - My wedding date will be cutting it close to getting one of these! I will officially be Mrs. Dwinell on May 28, 2011. 🙂

Kristen Koehler - I’m so excited to hear who won! I hope Mrs. Balchan is one of them 🙂

Lauren Henry - I agree! 😉 Im crossing fingers and about to move to toes in hopes that I can snag one! Im obsessed with how adorable they are and great they look in wedding pics!

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