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Christina + Matt :: Engaged! :: Chicago, Illinois Engagement Photographer

First and foremost, for those of you that don’t know, we book fast. No, no. FAST. Like 12-18 months in advance Fast.

Christina was looking around at photogs, getting ideas. She was suprised when I emailed her back letting her know that her date was one of the only ones we have left in October 2011. YES. THAT FAST.

Being late fall already, we needed to get their session done before the snowfall (yes I said snowfall) so we had them venture out with us to Cantigny Park in Wheaton where we were hosting a mini-session event earlier in the day. We were so grateful to have a FABULOUS day of sunshine and blue skies, as the low 40’s (degrees that is) came a week later.

I have pretty much been in love with this session since I started editing it, but my love was assured when I received this email in less than 24 hours from posting the session on facebook.

“Okay – so I’m totally OBSESSED with all of these pictures and Matt & I BOTH have recieved dozens of comments! I even have a friend who does some wedding planning on the side and works with Love Birds Wedding Planning in the city and she told me she’s going to start telling all of her brides about you ๐Ÿ™‚

So…I think you may have a lot of people calling you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Jessi!


Yes, its emails like this that make my heart melt and make me fall in love with my job all over again.

Can NOT wait for this wedding next October! It’s going to be quite the ParTAY! =)

Starting off….Christina and her gorgeous eyes =)

Half way thru, they opted for an outfit change so they could make the session more personal. You see, they met at Indiana University, so it was only proper to end the session with some love for the Alma Matter! =)

Not totally sure why, but this next image…my newest FAV. As in, my newest collection to my studio wall art. =)

Christina - LOVE these soooo much Jessi! Thank you!!

matt hiatt - Oh my god these are beautiful pictures! Great job on takeing them and of course to the two models =).

Kelli Mildren - Congrats Christina and Matt! I’m really happy for the two of you. These pictures are amazing. Nice job!

Bill Fiedler - Great pictures Christina, but who’s the guy in the photos with you?
I wish I could type more but I can’t see with all the tears in my eyes.
Love Dad.

Donna Fiedler - These photos are absolutely incredible!! The candid nature of the shots captured absolutely take my breath away!

Ethan Moses - Those pictures are simply magical.

Marissa Gaines - What great photos! You both look amazing and so cute together.

Deborah Mraz - These photos are just beautiful. They for sure capture their love.

CHRISTINE ECKERT - Wow! The pictures turned out great! Hope you guys win!

Susan Degand - Christina, these pictures are absolutely amazing! You two could easily pass as models for her business! The scenery is absolutely breathtaking!


Tracy Moses - Wow,You guys look so wonderful…I must agree with Bill that the pictures of my youngest and his bride to be, certainly took my breath.The pictures truely capture the essence of the two of you ,and i am proud to know that Christina will be my daughter soon!!! I am impressed with the freshness of the photos and their clarity…well clarity is truely what you two deserve!!! CONGRATS!!!!

nancy chovancek - The colors pop in these photographs, Christina! The close ups of you and Matt are stunning. I especially like the two of you holding hands with the frame of the shot to the left so it naturally draws the eye inward toward the “path” you two are taking toward the future. LOVE IT!

Dianna DeRight - Love love love the pictures Christina!

Federica - The most capturing aspect of these pictures is how evident it is that Matt and Christina are so in love. I think it takes a true photogropher to capture all those emotions and Just Love Me photos exceled in doing just that ๐Ÿ™‚

Rosa Presta - Christina and Matt- you look absolutely, beautifully in love!
Jessi- WOW! This is definitely what you were meant to do!


Ashley Amato - Absolutely beautiful cuz!!

Julie Fiorito - Christina and Matt,

These photos are awesome! You make a beautiful couple. I am glad you are having fun with all of the wedding preparations.

Kate - love the pictures! amazing! congrats!

Meg and Kev Dog - Great pics guys!

Ryan Hansen - You guys look great! These photos are amazing! Congratulations again!

Laura Greeson - Wow, you two are going to have really attractive children ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the pictures!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Linda R - Christina…the photos of you and Matt are just beautiful..you look so much in loveโ€šรดโ€ข…your dad’s comment was so “touching”

Linda & Anthony

Mandy Mercadante - Beautiful pictures! We are so happy for you both! We are all looking forward to the big day!
Pat, Mandy, Joey, and baby#2 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Krista Riccobono - I love all these pictures Christina. You and Matt make a beautiful couple! Love you all!

Ashley and Tyler - LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PICTURES! They are absolutely amazing!!! So excited for you guys!!

Kathy LoPresti - Christina & Matt- Your pictures are absolutely beautiful – what a great looking couple you make – Best of luck and happiness to you.

Suzanne - I absolutely LOVE them all!!! Couldn’t have asked for a better location for the pictures, they look amazing!

CYNDI PFOHL - Christian and Matt, these are breathtaking!! I so love the black and white ones! A perfect day for a perfect couple and it shows in every photo. Jessi did do a fantastic job, but she had the two best models to shoot! Love Bill’s comment too! I will mail him a box of Kleenex tomoorow. Congratulations again on your beautiful engagement! Love you!

Kirsten Kooken - These are beautiful photos!!! You two look great! Congrats!!

Cara - Congrats Matt and Christina

Christy Fiore - Absolutely gorgeous!! They turned out really nice!!

Colleen McGill - Christina & Matt, Congratulations on your engagement. These pictures are amazing – just like you and your family. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wishing you all the best as you start a new life together, filled with much love and happiness!

ellen osiadacz - OMG! They are gorgeous Donna! W/two lovely subjects how could they not be…

Congrats mother of the Bride….

Jessica Morrison - These pictures are STUNNING!! You guys look so happy & in love! The colors are beautiful! I cannot wait to see how beautiful the wedding is next fall! ๐Ÿ™‚

Justin Miller - Congrats Matt & Christina. Pictures look great. Matt, the Hoosiers could use another lineman right now, but it looks like you might be busy.

Janet Krey - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

Mary Beth Kraft - Such beautiful moments captured!! Pictures like these only happen when a couple very in love works with a great photographer! Stunning. I’m so happy for you both!!!
oxox mbk


Jeannie Reichard - Congratulations, Christina and Matt!
Beautiful Pix!
Christina, I remember the day you were born…
you have grown up so fast and become such a beautiful woman.

Helen Schafernak - These photographs are truly special!!!

Bradley Fiedler - Pictures are all amazing and you look beautiful Christina..Matt you don’t look that bad yourself lol. Love you both!

Lindsay Mortensen - These pictures are gorgeous! Congratulations you two!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mike Toth - Simply marvelous! Matt is a lucky man!

Cindy Byrne - Christina, Wow! Beautiful shots! Will make for beautiful memories!

Bridget - Christina and Matt-you guys both look amazing in these pictures!! SOOO beautiful!! So happy and excited for you both!

david crump - Wow! Super pix! Great job catching the moment!

Congratulations Christina and Matt!


Dawn Dapkus - LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures….the location was stunning, Jessi is so talented and the subject matter gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicole Fischlewitz - LOVE the pics!!!!! You guys look great!

Patti Weber - Those are the best engagement pictures I’ve ever seen. Absolutely love them!!

Laura Moses - LOVE the photographs… the shading/coloring is so perfect, so “real.” I can feel the warmth from the sun and hear the sounds of the park!!!

Rosanna Mugnolo - Beautiful couple!! Beautiful pictures!! Beautiful talent!! Congrats to Christina & Matt

Rhonda Peabody - Beautiful Pictures Christina! Congratulations to you both!

Dina - Your pictures are beautiful cousin! Love you guys! xoxo

Taylor - These pictures are amazing!! Congrats Matt and Christina!! I wish you the best!! You both look so amazingly happy!!! Perfection!!

Brigette Korney - AMAZING photos!! Can not WAIT for the wedding!! Woooooo! Congrats for the 1,000th time!! Loveee you guys!

Diane Parson - What awesome pictures – so creative – great job – I just love the black and whites.

Patrick Brooks - They look great! Matt you are a stud and Christina you are HOT!

Aja - Beautiful fall pics! I love all the colors and I guys look great!!

sarah - Love the pictures! You guys look great! So happy for you both!!

Laura Mortensen - Congratualtions!!! The pictures are beautiful!

Mary - Amazing pictures!

Andrew Kozek - Congrats!

Lindsay - I LOVE the pictures! Can’t wait for the wedding!!!

Jessica - Pictures look AMAZING! Congratulations!!!

John Czarnik - Great shots !!

Marisa - The pictures are GORGEOUS! Christina, your eyes look absolutely incredible! Congrats again to you both!!!


Judy Buczkowske - The pictures are just beyond words. The scenary couldn’t be any more perfect. Christina is just so beautiful and so much love in her gorgeous eyes.

Congratualtions to you both. May God keep you in his loving embrace and shower you with happiness all the days of your lives.

Judy Buczkowske

Patty Korney - Congratulations Christina and Matt! Beautiful pictures!

Mollie Korney - You look beautiful Christina! Amazing pictures!

VERONICA BENAVIDES - I can’t stress enough how much I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pictures! I will have to book a session myself to experience the awesomeness! You both look just as happy here as I’m sure you’ll look on your wedding day (plus a few happy tears). You both deserve all the happiness in the world!

Mike Korney - Great pictures Christina and Matt! Congratulations!

Kevin Korney - Cool Christina!

Brian Berg - Congratulations to the both of you. I wish you both the very best and the pictures are fantastic!

Bonnie - AMAZING PICTURES. Congrats on the Engagement!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mike - Great Pictures!!

Jessica - Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing!

Mike Korbs - Fantastic pictures, you guys look top notch

Kathy Korbel - Christina, Congratulations again. What beautiful engagement pictures. I love all different natural settings. Can’t wait to see the Wedding photos.

Marion McCorry - Stunning pictures!!

Surekha - Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!

Diane Adams - Beautiful photos. Lovely couple.

Janet Warnock - Love the pictures. Could it be more perfect?

donna mcsweeny - These pictures are beautiful.

Janine Jarrett - AWESOME pictures!!!!! I love all of them! They are beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Janine Adams - AMAZING pictures!! They are all beautiful!! Love them all!!

Dina Adams - Love the pictures! They are beautiful!

laurie - Congrats! Yay! Love them!

jesse - great.

Tom Jarrett - Congrats can’t wait for the wedding!

Night Time Tom - Can’t wait for the free booze at your wedding and funny pictures!

Amy - Congrats Christina and Matt! These pictures are wonderful!

Grandma Enid - Thanks for sharing all of the neat pictures with me. Great.

Aubrey Moses - Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait for the big day. Congrats!

Fred Rayburn - great pictures

Linda Rayburn - The Pictures are awesome

Karen Roberts - Love the pictures can’t wait for the big day!!!

Eric Roberts - Oh they look wonderful

Jessica Flohr - What neat photos, the girl……beautiful, the boy…..well he is family so we claim him!!!! no seriously beautiful pics, beautiful couple, great backdrops. Lots of wishes for more happy memories. Jessica

Rachel David - How Cute!!! Congrats!
These are great…except for the IU shirt (Go Boilers!!)

Jo Flohr - Oh my gosh. You both look so awsome. Can’t wait for the wedding.Love you both lots. Best,love,hugs and kisses

Angie Harrison - Congrats on your committment to each other. Your pictures are beautiful.

Nancy & Don Roppolo - Congratulations! What a beautiful couple and your love just pours from both of you.

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