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Lisa + Justin // Morton Arboretum Engagement Session // Lisle, Illinois Engagement Photographers

I get sooooooo excited when we get an inquiry from someone who is referred to us by a past client. There is something about these people. They already love us and there is already a trust built on a prior experience with us. When I met with Lisa, I knew from the get-go we were a match made in heaven. Her obsession with Starbucks is right up there with ours and our personalities could not fit any better together.

Lisa + Justin are getting married in March at The Morton Arboretum, so we were SUPER excited that we would be able to shoot their engagement session there! If you have not been there….you are missing out!! That place is HUGEEEEEEEE and nonetheless AMAZING (see photos below)

We might just have to start some kind of proposal contest, because I loooooove hearing those stories. Although, Justin may already win that contest. (oops!) Here is a blurb of the super-special proposal straight from the bride:

Coffee has always meant a lot to us because in college, late night coffee dates were some of the only times we saw each other. 

Justin pulled together the proposal two days before doing it. I just moved into my new house and had an entire team over to help me get the place ready. So naturally, Justin decided to throw a barbeque at his sister’s that night with all of our friends, which in turn, made me 45 minutes late. 

When I got to the barbeque everyone was looking at me kind of funny. I even asked what was going on a few times because something just felt weird. As soon as I went inside for a second and came back out, no one was left in the house and music was playing outside. Not just music, when I opened the door, our song “Everybody” by Sister Hazel was playing and everyone was in a giant circle smiling at me. I knew it was coming — Justin called me over to him and he was carrying a venti Starbucks cup. He told me to open it and inside was a ring box and $100 to Starbucks (SCORE – he knows I LOVE Starbucks, but after buying my place, I was a bit broke, so this was awesome). I honestly don’t remember what he said, I was crying and he was so nervous he didn’t even get down on one knee. After he asked will you marry me, I whispered yes, and of course our friends yelled “We can’t hear you, what did she say???” 

People still say it was the most intimate, quiet public proposal ever. Because even though we were with a bunch of our friends, it was just him and I. Our friends even took photos and video taped the whole thing for our memories, which Justin knew was important to me. All in all, it was the greatest day of my life, shared with some of the most important people to us.

And were going to Seattle for our Honeymoon and visiting the original Starbucks!

HENCE, the Starbucks photos 😀

L+J said they were sooooo nervous at the start of the session, but can you spot any nerves in these photos?!?! We can’t wait for your wedding guys!!!

aaaaand below is another installment of SAME.TIME.STAMP.AMAZINGNESS <3

THIS my friends is why there is 2 of us!! BOTH amazing shots, and TOTALLY different!

Lisa…….WORK IT GIRL. You are mighty gorgeous. <3

Lisa Casolari - To this day I still say you and Julie are one of the best decisions I have ever made, aside from Justin 😉 I love these so much. This surprise is amazing. I can’t wait to share our wedding with you both!!!

Jessika Feltz - GAHHHHHHHH!!!! THE LIGHT!

Lynn Casolari - LOVE THESE PICTURES. I especially love the one of Justin walking and you turning around it looks like something out of a magazine and the second to last one of him listening to his head phones and the face you are making. These are amazing!

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