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Vanessa + Charlie + {Logan} :: Chicagoland Maternity Photography

To say I was excited for this shoot would be such an understatement!

I went to high school with Vanessa, and I’ve just always loved her. Such a bundle of energy! Not to mention that hair. Who doesn’t love a fiery-hot red headed mama-to-be?!?!

It was a bit chilly and windy, but we braved the cold for the first half in this empty field!

I pulled out my camera for a test shot. This first shot is what I got.

“BAM. I think we’re ready. Maybe even done.” Laughter ensued 🙂

soooooo sweet. Love this because it could also be a non-maternity photo! 🙂
oh hey mama heeeeey. AYKM with your hot self?!?
So one thing I tell all my clients ahead of time is to put together a few ideas for photos that they want, to give us a little inspiration for what they’re looking for. Well Vanessa went ahead and put a whole Pinterest board together! There was one shot she loved and it happened to be a silhouette shot. We were doomed with clouds for the entire shoot, until as we were ready to leave, this gorgeous sky came out of now where. I’m pretty sure I yelped and screamed and probably jumped up and down. When they looked at my like I was crazy, I said “Just hop up on that table and trust me.” They did, and BAM.
V + C, thank you soooooo much for choosing us to capture such an epic and special event in your lives!

We can’t wait to meet Baby Logan! 🙂

Miriam Roldan - You guys did a great job. I vote for Vanessa and Charley

Michelle - I vote Vanessa and Charley!

Rose Rolon - I vote for Vanessa & Charley!

Diane Koniewicz - I vote for Vanessa & Charley!

Amanda - I vote for Ian and Jen!

Eddie Roldan - Beautiful Job – I vote for Vanessa & Chalie

mark williams - I vote Charley & Vanessa

Shawn Dildine - I vote Jen+Ian!

Colleen Beck - I%20vote%20for%20Jen%20%2B%20Ian!

Sandy Johnson - I vote for Charley and Vanessa!

justlovemepd - GUYS!!! Voting here does NOT COUNT! Please vote via the bubble on the voting post, facebook fan page or twitter!

Laureen Andre - All gorgeous but my favorites are the silhouettes! The one on the table….priceless!

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