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Cotton Candy Couture // SNEAK PEEK // Chicago Fashion Photography


Are you even ready for this?!?!

Words can’t really describe how much I have been looking forward to posting these sneak peeks.

Jenna Z. had a dream. And it just came true. Last night she launched her Fall/Winter Collection of AMAZING couture cocktail dresses. Julie and I enjoyed the opportunity to get glammed up, hopped on the train and headed downtown to Candyality for the big launch! Can you even believe that we didn’t take a picture of how good we looked? πŸ˜‰

This first photo is just a phone instagram photo but she had all 7 dresses hanging from the ceiling for a fabulous “floating” effect. What I loved most about this is that slowly but surely the dresses would spin around so you could see the front AND the backs of the dresses. And a few of these dresses have completely open backs that were TO.DIE.FOR.

Racked.com posted “When that little black dress isn’t enough, Cotton Candy Couture steps in with a statement; the one-of-a-kind dresses are designed for the fashion-forward seeking to make a memorable impact.” And they couldn’t be more on point.

Straight from the fanpage, “Cotton Candy Couture, a boutique line of one-of-a-kind like dresses, is designed for the high heeled women of the world that aren’t afraid to take fashion risks and live for being the center of attention, at least when it comes to their outfit. Our idea of a great dress is electric, bold, fun and will never be forgotten. The Cotton Candy Couture collection is strategically produced in limited quantities so that “who wore it better” moment from last weekend will soon be a thing of the past. “


Last week I had the distinct honor of being one of THE first people to see her new line, as I was chosen to shoot her e-commerce and editorial images for her launch!!! I brought along Tamara + Sabrina from FABULOUS Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry and we were FLOORED when we saw the dresses for the first time. Those things looked fab on the hanger, but when the models came out? I mean, DAMN. I think you’ll agree when you see the photos below πŸ˜‰

MANYYYYY more to come, but here is an official sneak peek at Cotton Candy Couture‘s F/W 2012 Collection.

Aaaand here she is!! The fabulous designer herself! Jenna + her hubby are too cute to be true really.

JENNA! I’m so proud of you!! This is such an amazing time in your life and I couldn’t be more grateful to be asked to be such a big part of it!! <3

Much love folks! Leave us some love!

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