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Howdy ya’ll! Welcome to day 12!

Today’s just a quick post, but its been something I’ve been getting into a lot lately.

A lot of emails have been coming in lately from people who just LOVE our new site and blog {i mean how could they not? :)} Well first of all THANK YOU!

When asked where I got it done, jaws have dropped as I told them I did it myself {with the help of ShowIt and WordPress}. This is where my graphic designer instinct comes in handy. I have a vision and I am able to run with it.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me for my opinion on their sites, on things like colors, layout, functionality, etc. I am glad to offer my opinions and feel honored that people trust my thoughts!¬†The #1 question is “how did you know what you wanted? The new logo/colors fit your images so well, I have no idea where to start with mine. Help!?”

My answer: BE YOURSELF.

Do you love pink? Use pink. Do you love damask patterns? Use it. Do you like Black and White? Go with it. Love Jersey Shore? “Caaaabs ahh heeeeeeeeeyaaah!”

The whole point of having a website is to show your client (or the world in general) who you are and what you’re all about. Whats the point of having a site if ¬†it has no functionality? The biggest thing I’ve noticed so far is that when I meet with a bride, a good 20 minutes of the meetings {where I talk about myself and how we got into the business, yadayadaya} are skipped because they already know those things after checking out the site/blog. Meetings end with hugs instead of handshakes because after hanging out at the Bucks for an hour, we now feel like old friends.

For those using sites for business, I feel like you’re wasting your time with your site if you’re not showcasing more than just what you’re selling.

Let’s put it this way. I don’t get many brides who come to me and say hey, I’m looking for you to shoot my wedding with lots of traditional poses and lots of black and white. Why? Because they can see in our site that “creative” and “color pop” are what make us stand out from the crowd.

But my main reason for the post is that, this is true for your wedding sites as well. Why should you have to settle for a template that comes “close” to your colors or theme. One that is “ok” or “good enough”. Why should you settle for less than amazing? Why am I telling you this? Because starting now, all of our brides have the option of getting a custom made site through us. 🙂 Not only do you get to showcase your actual theme, but we set it up to showcase your {amazing} engagement photos, and then wedding photos after the big day!

Here are a few screen shot examples from one of our {fabulous} 2011 brides!

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s almost the weekend! 🙂

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