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Jen + Mike :: Metropolis Ballroom Wedding :: Arlington Heights, Illinois Wedding Photographer


That is really the only word I can start this post with. Jen and Mike had THE most amazing families. Like EVER.

Lets talk about love for a second. Everyone has their own version of what love is. And let me tell you, we get to document so much love the the meanings are endless. The looks exchanged between these two throughout the entire day added a whole new level of meaning to our book. I have never seen two people more in love than these guys.

Oh and how could we forget. This was like the best bridal party ever. They were amazing.

Jen + Mike’s wedding day was filled with fabulous weather, a gorgeous venue, amazingly loving families and lots of emotion! Thank you guys so much for allowing us to be such a special part of your day!!

Congrats J+M!!

Church : St. Mary of Vernon, Indian Creek, IL
Venue : Metropolis Ballroom, Arlington Heights, IL
Makeup : Zaza Salon, Lincolnshire, IL
DJ : MDM Entertainment
Cake : Rolf’s Patisserie
Flowers : Floral Harmonies
Dress : Priscilla of Boston

No better way to start a wedding day than with a fabulous pair of Louboutins!

^ AMAZING gown with Swarovski crystals!! ^

A little gift exchange never hurt anyone…especially when Jen opened her new watch and gave a big laugh saying “omg…i totally got him a watch too!! He knew didn’t he….”

THANK YOU Jen + Mike for painting your bathroom green. This made my day. =)


^ in LOVE with the bridesmaids bouquets!!!!! ^

^ BEST. BRIDAL PARTY. EVER. Oh wait, I said that already… ^

^ LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this image!! ^

^ caught the cryer! =) ^

^ If only anyone knew what we went thru for this moment… ^

And our new favorite thing is to get a shot with the bride and groom!

Jen + Mike…we absolutely adore you. and your families. oh and of course your bridal party. =)

Laureen Andre - The most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen!!!!! I’m in love with every single one!!!!!
Thanks again “JLM”

Julie Fouts - Love love love all the pictures! They are all amazing, just like you guys!

caitlyn andre - LOVE the photos! Can’t wait to see them printed!

M. Koppelman - You figure it takes two things to get ridiculously amazing photos like these:

1. An event with two of the most fun-loving people on this planet, who just happen to have the greatest support system in their respective (now joined) families.


2. Photographers with not only talent, but an obvious love of what they do.


Put them together and you get the portfolio above – amazing.


Joanna DeFrancisco - Honestly, I can never get tired of looking at these pictures! One is better than the next! The back grounds, the angels and the expressions on each face shows brilliance behind the camera! Bravo to you girls, I wish you lived in Cleveland, I too have four children like Laureen. But in a very serious note, my all time favorite picture is in the church with the bride and groom kneeling, praying and their eyes closed. This photo reflects what you said about, “best bridal party ever”. They have a strong faith with strong beliefs and kind hearts! YOU witnessed it in your work and being part of this joyous celebration! I wish you girls the best and your talent is endless!

Pam Anderson - What wondeful wedding pictures. This is such a great representation of a wonderful day. Great job

Michelle Carr - Beautiful photographs with interesting camera angles, very dramatic! Wonderful job of capturing the moment!!

Jackie Scrivner - These pictures are AMAZING! They make me want the wedding to happen all over again!

Jen Andre - Jessi is quoted having said “Our pictures are art! We want you to be able to hang these photos on your wall.” Mission Accomplished.

Terrie Bonestroo - The pictures are so pretty, would love to have these photographers some day when my daughter gets married!!

Mark Andre - Terrific pictures. A great rmebrance of a great event in our Family.

Rob Andre - These pictures are awesome. They capture all the fun and love that the wedding was about!

Jenn Abbott - What incredible pictures!! The new level of meaning you two bring to LOVE that your photographer describes is obvious in every single one of these pictures!! What memories 🙂

Jennifer Riley - Just love the pictures. They really capture your love for one another!

Kevin Riley - Love the pictures

Patti Smykal - It was a beautiful wedding and the pictures are amazing! Makes me want to do my wedding over again!

Lauren Waite - These pictures are amazing and the wedding was so much fun.

Alli Fouts - Such a great day! The pictures all turned out amazing.

Mike Jahn - The pictures I had printed looked great. Can’t wait to see the rest printed too.

Carrie Kupfer - These pictures are beautiful! They really captured the fun and beauty of the day!

Allison Waite - These pictures are beautiful. The wedding looked amazing!

Celine Hughes - Wow, what a beautiful wedding. The pictures are spectacular and really capture the love and joy of your special day. Congratulations from the Hughes family!

Laureen Andre - I have to comment twice: All your comments prove we have the BEST FAMILY AND FRIENDS EVER!!!!!Thanks soooooo much for helping the kids try to win the contest. Some comments deserve to be counted twice! Much love to each and every one of you!

Joanna DeFrancisco - I have to comment on Laureen’s statement: the picture of her dancing with her son “the Groom” says it all! Bravo to the photographer who saw that very special moment! Look at her face-love it! BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS EVER!

Debbi Romero - What a beautiful wedding-Laureen you must be so proud!

Mike Andre - The photos are all unbelievable ladies. I especially love the one with Jen throwing her bouquet. The faces on the girls in the crowd really tells a story. Some of them look too funny.

Karen DiSilvestro Strautins - Like I commented earlier Laureen everyone looks like they are having a great time and it just makes you wish you were there! Congrats to the happy couple, may all of their wishes come true!!

Laureen Andre - Wonderful family and friends adding more comments! You all are the BEST!!!!

Jen Andre - I keep checking back every day and to see what people are saying about these pictures makes me smile every time! Thank you to everyone for the kind words.

Jen Andre - And thank you to Jessi and Julie for creating such beautiful pieces of work for us to admire! THE BEST!

Trisha Prince - Very impressive! Laureen you have a beautiful family!

Colleen Wood - What beautiful pictures!!! They both look gorgeous and so happy. Congrats to the family.

Lauren Kennedy - I love all these pictures so much!!!!!!!

Julie Scrivner - Great pictures of some great people!

Lori Fouts-Kiefer - What a fabulous wedding captured by such talented photographers. It was truly a day of incredible love between Jen and Mike and our families and friends.

Lori Fouts-Kiefer - I just went through all of the pictures again! I am in awe of your talent. I can’t seem to limit my choices for an album!!!

steph santa - WOW!!! These pictures are so beautiful and amazing…just like you all!! What a magical day! So honored to be a part of this special day!! Happy B-day Lori!! Hugs to you all!! WE love and miss you tons!! xoxoxo

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