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Christina + Matt :: Married! :: Itasca, Illinois Wedding Photographers


What a ridiculously amazing journey it has been with this couple and their families. I wouldn’t trade it in for ANYTHING and I can’t wait to continue to work with them as their families evolve 😉

As mentioned in Christina + Matt’s engagement post, we book FAST. No, no. FAST. Like 12-18 months in advance Fast. When they booked, it was over 12 months ahead and it was THE last October date available. PHEW. {sidenote: June, July and September 2012 are already FULL. Just in case you were wondering}

I was extremely honored to also be able to contribute via Just Invite Me to help design the reception. When Christina told me she was using Elizabeth Wray Design for her flowers and reception decor, I think I screamed out loud. I have been a HUGE fan of her work since I got married a few years ago, so I was stoked to say the VERY LEAST.

We started the day at Xentric Beauty Lounge in Roselle where we shot some details while Christina got glammed up 🙂

We got a few minutes to grab a few detail shots of her dress before getting her into it. This door way spoke to me. Ya know like, “hey girl heeeeey. Let me help a sister out”. Yep. That happened.
I’m not totally sure why, but I love, love, LOVE a good cathedral length veil. Why this one so much? Because it was actually the same veil her mom wore at her wedding. Can I get a tissue please?!
Matt + Christina opted for a first look so we could get the majority of the photos done before the ceremony. I say this again and again, but while I respect tradition, I really do feel that this works out the best for everyone.
Little limo love before heading out with the bridal party!
oh heeeeeeey blue skies. thanks for joining us 🙂
when I said “kick up your back foot” apparently Matt thought I was talking to him. “like this?” he says 🙂
Christina + Matt are new homeowners, so it was only right to head to their porch for a few shots.
Lucky Christina had her hairstylist follow her to the reception, where she changed up into a fabulous updo and modern short veil/headpiece which she ROCKED.
loooooooooooooooove the coloring of this. who knew fire could change the mood of a photo soooooo well?
custom details do really go a long way. There’s no doubt what sign the guests to ALL of these weddings looked at first. 😉
There’s also nothing better than having a moment for the bride + groom (and their families) to get a chance to see the reception decor and soak it in before the guests are let in. Their reaction was nothing short of amazed.
and when it was time, C+M knew just how to “make an entrance” 🙂
A unique thing about Eaglewood Resort is their champagne parade. Its always a good party starter!
C+M decided to WOW their guests with a traditional slow song “remix” that turned into a Bride + Groom dance party. SO CLASSIC.
It’s an Indiana thing, I guess. 😉
Sooooo excited for this photo because it represents our past, present and future brides. 🙂
C+M, what can I say. We freaking love you. And your families.

Thanks so much for letting us be such a big part of your big day. We wish you guys the very best!

Christina Moses - HOLY ALKJDF#^@*$)$*@!#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actaully cried looking at all of these, LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! Thank you for capturing everything so perfectly.

Donna Fiedler - Jessi and Julie – these pictures are AMAZING!!! I’m laughing, crying and just enjoying all the great shots that capture the day so beautifully!! You both are TRULY gifted in your field. Oh yeah – you guys are stuck with us FOREVER now!!!
Can’t wait to see them ALL!!!!!!!!!

Donna Fiedler - Jessi and Julie – these pictures are INCREDIBLE!!!! I’m laughing, I’m crying – I feel like Sybil!!! You guys are TRULY gift in what you do!!!!! You capture the day beautifully!! I can’t wait to see them all!!!!!!!!! And – yes – you poor souls are stuck with us for LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Greeson - I’m speechless (and anyone will tell you that’s a rarity for me!) These pictures are absolutely incredible! 🙂

Laura Moses - WHAT YOU ARE ABLE TO CAPTURE IS ABSOLUTLEY ASTOUNDING!!!!!! I am so excited to see the rest of the photographs!!

nancy chovancek - Jessi and Julie – These pictures were absolutely stunning, beautiful and crazy funny – you captured the day and the wonderful couple. You guys ROCK!!!!

Rita Holland - These are amazing. You guys were so much fun that day. What a gorgeous wedding! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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