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Hailee + Matt // Rock the Frock // Chicago Wedding & Fashion Photography


I’m not even sure how to start this post. It’s been quite a busy few weeks for us, but we are so stoked to share these images with you.

ROCK.THE.FROCK. Saaaaaaay whaaaat?

What is Rock the Frock you ask? This is a session where a bride + groom can dress up all over again! (Come on ladies, who doesn’t want to put that dress back on?) This is an awesome and super fun session that gives us total creative freedom. Didn’t get all those AMAZEBALL shots at your wedding? This session is that chance to get them!

H+M were actually referred to us by the UH-MAZING Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry, whom we use for all of our fashion + boudoir needs. If you don’t have makeup/hair booked yet, CHECK THEM OUT!

We had an AMAZING day for this shoot. Like seriously about 70-75 degrees with a fabulous breeze. Straight perfection. H+M absolutely ROCKED this sesh, so start scrolling and enjoy the show! 😉

Hailee decided to bring back in Tami + Jody from Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry to recreate her wedding look, while we snagged a few detail shots!

who doesn’t love a fabulous pair of Manolos??

Matt Wiesbrock - You guys are absolutely awesome!!!

Amber - OMG! I love love love these! Btw do you think I could borrow those shoes?

Absolutely amazing!!

Lyndi - Oh-em-GEE! LOVE these! You totally rocked them 🙂

Melissa Copeland - I’m pretty sure this is my favorite session you’ve ever shot!! Great Job!

Mandy Leonards - Love these..love the color!!

Amy Straka - So vibrant and gorgeous. Lovely session!

Jessika Feltz - Dude, I LOVE this. Esp the ones with the Bean. Love love love.

Hailee - Ok I just can’t stop going back to the blog and looking at these photos! I won’t ever be able to say thank you enough!! You guys will ALWAYS be HIGHLY recommended and I cannot wait to use you guys for MANY MANY more milestones! ok ONE LAST TIME..THANK YOUUUUUU!

Vickie Black - These are stunning! I love how bold the colors are!

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