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It’s OK to Ditch the Old School Traditions

{ Day 24 }

Yesterday TheKnot.com posted 20 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip. We picked out our favorites just for you =)

Old School Rule : Brides must wear White

EHHHH. Be unique. We love dresses in all shades of white/ivory {yes ALL shades because there are now SO MANY}. We LOVE the addition of colored sashes and absolutely ADORE colored shoes. I’m pretty sure we have one bride this year who is going to¬†surprise¬†us all with something TOTALLY her and TOTALLY unique. We can’t wait =)

Old School Rule : Wear  a long veil.

EHHHH. While we love the look of veils, {especially those gorgeous long cathedral styles ones} we actually many times end up spending more time fighting with it than we do shooting it. Newest trend? Birdcage veils. They are GORG and really unique. Or, no veil at all is totally fine with us. Our suggestion for brides with no veil, is to find a gorgeous type of headpiece. If you haven’t heard of ETSY, you should click NOW. Both of these are available on this amazing site.

{ bird cage vs. hair piece }

Old School Rule : TWO wedding colors only

BOOOOOOO. We {obviously} LOVE color. So I TOTALLY hate this rule. Use as many colors/shades as you want, BUT just make sure they are complimentary and not overboard rainbow.

Old School Rule : Ceremony Programs should be formal

BLEH. Where is the fun in that? Ceremony programs {as well as all reception paper materials} should be unique to your wedding and¬†represent¬†YOU. Oh and we think colorful as well, but whatever matches your “theme”. 🙂

Old School Rule : Don’t see each other before the ceremony.

EHHHHHH. If you’ve sat down and chatted with us about your wedding plans, this is actually a big topic we talk about. While we totally respect your opinion, we are not afraid to give you ours. You most likely hired us for our colorful-super creative-artwork-masterpiece photos. These bad boys take time, something you lose a lot of when you choose not to do a “First Look”. Not to mention the fact that many churches are very strict about where we can stand and when we can flash. With a “First Look” it is much easier for us to capture the real emotion of that moment, not worrying about whether or not the officiant is going to kick us out. 🙂

I, for example, chose the First Look for my wedding, even though I was torn. I’m glad I did as it helped my nerves and allowed my husband and I to have our own special private moment before the big hooplah of a ceremony. I still felt quite a rush as I walked down the aisle, but I was glad to spend our first look at each other privately.

Old School Rule : Bridesmaids should match.

BOOOOO. No fun. While we love symmetry, what we love more is UNIQUE. I personally LOVE when the dresses are different styles in the same shade. Or hell, if you’re having a pink/purple wedding theme, mix up the bridesmaids in different shades! Anything that allows you to use more color, we are game for. 🙂

Old School Rule :  Ceremonies must take place in a church.

BLEH. While we love churches, we love the outdoors more. Natural lighting is FAR more flattering than using a flash, or not using one at all {as MOST churches dont allow ANY flash}. Outdoor ceremonies also tend to have more color as we use the green grass, blue sky and whatever colors you chose for your theme. If we had to choose, {and could have a guarantee that the weather would cooperate} we would choose outdoor. Every time. Just sayin 🙂

Old School Rule : You only need ONE flower girl and ONE ring bearer.

MEH. While less kids is easier for formal photos after the ceremony, I think its silly to have to limit this. I for example had 2 ring bearers, as they were twins. And because I’m crazy and wanted to be different, no pillows were carried. {See below}

Old School Rule : Guest must sit in Chairs or Pews

WELL. I 100% agree with the fact that they should be seated {who would want to stand for a 60 minute ceremony} but I also think you can get creative with your seating. One of our outdoor ceremonies last year was a fabulous venue that did not at all need chairs. They used the natural setting for “chairs” and added a pillow to each seat for both comfort and an additional flare. A++ in our book 🙂

Old School Rule : Bridesmaids should have matching bouquets

EHHHH. This goes with what we said above about matching dresses, but changing things up is something we love to see. The gorgeous photo below proves my point. 🙂

Okkayyy folks. Thats all for today. Thanks for blogstalking! 🙂

nel - I think the pressure goes both ways. Brides should not be made to
feel as if they are doing something wrong because they choose to follow tradition(having bridesmaids dressed alike or god forbid-wearing white shoes). Brides are under enough pressure without worrying if their wedding is “blogworthy”.

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